Press Release

Sente to Chair Committee Focused on Business Growth and Economic Reforms


“I look forward to continuing to draw on my experience as a small-business owner through my role as chair of the House Business Growth & Incentives Committee in order to make Illinois a more business-friendly state,” Sente said. “We need to attract businesses to Illinois from Indiana, California, Texas, and New York, while also working to level the playing field so businesses can create jobs right here in our state.”

As a committee chair, Sente will lead Business Growth & Incentives committee hearings and have influence over the legislation that passes through the committee. As a committee member, Sente will listen and question experts from executive offices and agencies, as well as advocacy groups providing testimony on legislation. Sente will also serve as a member of the House Appropriations-General Services, Construction Industry & Code Enforcement, Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies, Environment, and Personnel & Pensions Committees.

“My committee assignments provide a platform for me to continue advocating for a wide-range of constituencies – business, labor, educators, children and parents, in addition to those who rely on general government services – all of which have been severely affected by the state’s budget impasse,” Sente said. “My top priority is to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a comprehensive budget that will help put our state back on track and push for much-needed economic reforms to ensure the needs of our community are met.”