Press Release

Sente Urges Residents to Take Precautions This Holiday Season


VERNON HILLS, Ill. – With the holiday season upon us, State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, is reminding residents to take simple precautions to ensure safety while on the road and at home.

“While it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and anticipation of the holiday season, taking simple precautionary steps can be a life-safer should the unexpected happen,” said Sente. “Whether on the road or at home with your loved ones, it is important to remain prepared for worst case scenarios.”

With the holiday season often comes hazardous road conditions. Sente recommends motorists prepare a winter weather kit that includes an extra cell phone battery or charger, blankets, flashlight with batteries, first-aid kit, shovel, booster cables, bottled water, non-perishable food items, extra clothing, a windshield scraper, a bag of sand, toilet paper and matches. While often over-looked, these items can ensure that families are prepared for whatever conditions may arise. With drinking alcohol often a part of holiday festivities, Sente also warns celebrants to be prepared to have a designated driver or a safe place to stay while intoxicated for the safety of themselves and their neighbors.

Additionally, Sente suggests taking precautions at home for the winter months. Homeowners should make sure their furnace filters are regularly cleaned, window air conditioning units are removed and chimney flues are closed when not in use. Homes that utilize space heaters should make sure the devices are unplugged when not in use or when unattended and away from flammable materials.

“If everyone does their part to ensure a safe holiday, we can reduce the risk of accidents at a time of year that is unfortunately associated with many,” said Sente. “So, please, in addition to having a joyful time with family and friends, be prepared, and look out for yourself and others this holiday season.”