Press Release

Sente Responds to Heroin Epidemic Through Measure Addressing Opioid Abuse, Treating Addiction


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Taking a stand against the heroin epidemic that is taking a heavy toll in suburban schools and communities, State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, voted to enact a comprehensive, bipartisan plan to address opioid abuse and provide potentially life-saving treatments.

“Drug abuse and addiction is a serious issue that hits home for a lot of families across our state and our community,” Sente said. “It is clear that more needs to be done to make sure that no more young lives are claimed by these deadly substances.”

On Wednesday, Sente voted to enact the Heroin Crisis Act, established by House Bill 1, through an override of the governor’s veto, which removed key provisions for life-saving addiction treatments. Under the measure, first responders would be required to possess an opiate antidote, which could reverse the effects of a heroin overdose in an emergency. The legislation also includes expansions for drug-take back initiatives, treatment programs and drug courts.

Sente has a strong record of working with law enforcement to increase public safety and protect children from dangerous substances. Her regular collaborations with the law enforcement community have previously led to the passage of important laws that crack down on underage drinking parties, allow reciprocal reporting between police and schools and establish the School Security and Standards Task Force, upon which she serves. In addition, Sente is also involved with a variety of community organizations that share a mission to foster drug-free schools and communities.

“The heroin crisis is affecting residents of all ages, backgrounds and economic statuses,” Sente said. “We need to have an open and honest discussion on drug use and abuse in our communities. Residents need to know how to spot the signs of addiction in a loved one, that there are resources out there to help them and most importantly, that they are not alone.”