Press Release

Sente to Serve on Task Force Exploring Renewable Energy Expansion


VERNON HILLS, Ill. –State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, will advocate for renewable energy expansion and green job creation as a member of the Utilization of Renewable Energy on State-Owned Properties Task Force.

“As vice-chair of the House Environment Committee and former owner of an environmentally focused design firm, I look forward to bringing my background to the task force and serving at the forefront of the discussion focused on expanding renewable energy usage in Illinois,” Sente said. “Advances in green technology are making renewable energy infrastructure cost-effective alternatives and this task force offers an opportunity to explore how they can be used to create jobs and spur economic growth.”

Earlier this year, Sente sponsored House Bill 3560, which established the Utilization of Renewable Energy on State-Owned Properties Task Force. Under the legislation, a 14-member group is to be established for the purpose of studying the financial, community and environmental impact of constructing and maintaining renewable energy sources on state-owned property and ultimately submitting a report of their findings to the Governor and the General Assembly. Task force membership will include a bipartisan group of legislators from both chambers, environmental experts, business leaders and state agency representatives.

“We have a responsibility to take into account both the short-term and long-term impact and benefits of incorporating renewable energy infrastructure on our public lands,” Sente said. “The unique perspective offered by leaders in the areas of state government, renewable energy, the environment and business who will serve on the task force helps to ensure that every element of our study can be thoroughly examined and considered.”