Press Release

Sente Tours Lincolnshire’s Glentronics, Focuses on Building Business-Friendly Illinois


VERNON HILLS, Ill. – State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, toured Lincolnshire’s Glentronics Inc. on Monday to discuss the needs of local businesses, learn about operations and meet with employees.

“As state representative and a small business owner, I understand the critical role entrepreneurs play in supporting our economy and I recognize that we must do everything we can to ensure their voices are heard by policymakers,” Sente said. “It was exciting to learn more about this family-owned and operated business, as well as to have conversations with employees on how state government can serve as a stronger partner in their success.”

A leader on entrepreneurial advocacy, Sente regularly tours businesses throughout her district and meets with industry leaders to identify legislative policy changes that will help them continue to grow in Illinois. This spring, she passed legislation to allow small businesses and startups to use the internet to solicit funds from investors in exchange for an equity interest. Supported by the Small Business Advocacy Council, this proposal will allow Illinois to stay competitive with other states by empowering entrepreneurs to create the next crowdfunded invention in our backyard.

Glentronics, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Alan Schulman, President and CEO, and his wife. Since then the business has grown to include his son Jeff Schulman as COO, a headquarters located in Lincolnshire and an assembly plant in Melrose Park.

Alan Schulman, president and CEO of Glentronics Inc., talks with State Rep. Carol Sente about how they serve as an industry leader in the production of energy-efficient sump pumps and backup batteries.