Press Release

Sente Pushes for Stronger Consumer Protections from Identity Theft, Data Breaches


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, is working with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to pass legislation that protects residents from identity theft and strengthens consumer notification procedures for when a data breach occurs.

“Recovering from identity theft can be a long and arduous process for victims, as they work to secure their personal information, rebuild their credit and file paperwork to get their life back,” Sente said. “This legislation helps consumers hold the companies that handle their personally identifiable information accountable for how they protect their data and, most importantly, respond in the event it is compromised.”

Sente is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1833, which broadens the types of information that could indicate a data breach for consumers by adding medical and insurance information, biometric data and online login credentials to the existing list of protected information. In addition, the legislation would require data collectors to take precautionary steps to protect confidential information, display privacy policies online and alert fraud prevention experts from the Attorney General’s office in the event of a data breach so they can assist in the notification of victims.

“In the last several years, data breaches have become far too frequent,” Attorney General Lisa Madigan said. “It is imperative that we strengthen the state’s data breach notification laws to ensure that people are informed of breaches so they can take steps to minimize the risk of identity theft.”

Senate Bill 1833 advanced out of both chambers and now awaits further consideration from the governor.

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