Press Release

Small Business Owner Caucus Co-Chair Sente Identifies Group Priorities


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Small businesses will have a stronger voice in the state legislature thanks to the Small Business Owner Caucus (SBOC) recently formed by State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, and State Rep Keith Wheeler, R-Oswego, to help Illinois entrepreneurs succeed.

“With the very broad range of businesses represented by our caucus members, we have encountered the same challenges and at times frustrating experiences as other business owners operating in Illinois,” Sente said. “We understand issues like the cost of LLC filing fees, obtaining a line of credit, finding a talented workforce, the high cost of business insurance, weathering a recession and an unpredictable economy. With our business experience, our caucus will provide focus and real-world solutions to grow Illinois' economy.”

This spring, the Small Business Owner Caucus is encouraging members to show their support for six legislative measures that will help make Illinois more business-friendly:

· House Bill 3429, which allows small businesses to raise funds to grow their business via the internet and offer equity to interested non-accredited investors.

· House Bill 3887 to require each state agency to scrutinize their rules, administrative regulations and permitting processes to identify rules and processes that are unreasonable, unduly burdensome or duplicative to small businesses.

· Senate Bill 659 to create an online portal with the necessary permit and licensing applications for entrepreneurs starting a business in Illinois.

· House Bill 642, which creates the Women’s Business Ownership Council to conduct hearings and issue an annual report on how the state can better foster women-owned businesses in Illinois.

· Senate Bill 1921, which would require state agencies to make applications for licenses, certification, registration or permits available online.

· House Bill 199 to reduce filing and renewal fees for limited liability corporations (LLCs).

“Our state is very unique and so too are the needs of the businesses that form the backbone of our local economies. If we want to put our state back on track, we need leaders who are willing to reach across the aisle to craft business-friendly policies,” Sente said. “There are lots of exciting changes being proposed in the Legislature that will benefit small businesses and the caucus looks forward to making sure they are brought into the spotlight.”

The SBOC’s membership consists of a bipartisan group of 23 legislators from the House of Representatives who have entrepreneurial experience in a wide-variety of businesses including professional service firms, such as architecture, construction, real estate development and sales, banking, law, financial services, IT, software development, management consulting, trucking, hospitality, environmental testing, fire & water clean-up and restoration, video rental, and private scavenger, full-service waste removal.

The mission of the group is to create a robust economic climate through bipartisan collaboration, support pro-business legislation and maintain an open dialogue with business leaders and organizations.