Press Release

Sente Helps Pass Government Consolidation Reform


“Very rarely will local government boards ever vote to eliminate themselves, even if the services provided are duplicative or wasteful,” said Sente. “Legislation I recently helped pass empowers voters to consolidate townships into larger municipalities in order to provide improved services at a lower cost to taxpayers.”

Currently, Illinois has more units of local government than any other state, which often leads to inefficiencies and wasted property tax dollars. For example, Illinois has 28 different cemetery districts, 1,430 townships and 20 mosquito abatement districts. The Sente-backed Senate Bill 3 would provide Illinois taxpayers more tools to consolidate townships they find duplicative or unnecessary by providing voters the ability to consolidate the services provided by a township into an adjoining township or municipality via referendum.

“Illinois having the country’s highest number of local taxing bodies is directly connected to the state having the second highest property taxes in the nation,” Sente continued. “I am proud to have helped pass a grassroots-approach to solving one of Illinois government’s most expensive problems.”

Senate Bill 3 advanced out of the House and Senate with bipartisan support and has been sent to Gov. Rauner’s desk for further consideration.