Legislation and Issues

Crafting, passing and voting on legislation is one of the very important things legislators do as part of their service. Through a review of my current and past bills, you can quickly recognize the issues that are of importance to me, such as encouraging bipartisanship, promoting economic development, eliminating waste and reducing state spending, defending our environment, advocating for our youth, and protecting the services that our most vulnerable citizens depend on.

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Some of My Favorite Legislation

  • Budgeting For Outcomes - HB 5424 in 2011(now Public Act 96-1529)

    When I joined the General Assembly, I passed this landmark budget reform law that is now referred to as Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO). BFO focuses on setting funding goals, establishing a budget ceiling, developing our annual budgets in bi-partisan committees, measuring the performance of funds allocated and an overall focus on maximizing funds spent.

  • Creating A Strategic Economic Development Plan - HB 1544 in 2013 (now Public Act 98-0397)

    Requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to create a private/public partnership to focus the state's economic development efforts, coordinate incentives with local and regional development groups and hold them accountable. The bill requires the development of a 5-year strategic economic development plan with annual business plans, time for public viewing on DCEO's Website, and measureable goals.

  • Strengthening Social Hosting Laws - HB 1554 in 2012 (now Public Act 97-1049)

    As research continues to grow, we are learning more about the longstanding effects that underage drinking has on the developing brain. This law helps to hold parents/guardians accountable for hosting gatherings that allow for the consumption of alcohol by underage youth. This legislation was introduced and passed in partnership with the Lake County After School Coalition.

  • Suffrage at Seventeen - HB 226 in 2013 (now Public Act 98-0051)

    Allows seventeen-year-olds to vote in a primary election, if they will be eighteen by the general election. The idea for this legislation came from a group of students at Adlai E. Stevenson High School and brought civics to life, as they helped me move the bill through committee and onto the governor's desk.

  • Protecting Our Student Athletes - HB 5431 in 2014 (now Public Act 98-1011)

    Continuing in my efforts to reduce the risk of permanent brain injuries in youth sports, I worked closely with coaches and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) to find an agreed solution to protect our athletes. This legislation requires concussion and sub-concussive hitting certification for all high school coaches and athletic directors.

  • Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding - HB 3429 in 2015 (now Public Act 99-0182)

    Allows small businesses to raise funds to grow their business via the internet and offer equity to interested non-accredited investors. This legislation allows entrepreneurs to reach out into the community to garner financial support for innovative new ideas and concepts. Our state is full of talent, and this legislation will enable these individuals to access the capital they need to create the next crowdfunded invention in our own backyard.

  • Advanced Placement Exam Credit - HB 3428 in 2015 (now Public Act 99-0358)

    The legislation comes in response to student, teacher and parent concerns that students are working hard to take AP courses, but receiving scores for which they are unable to receive college credit. House Bill 3428 expands AP exam credit at public universities and colleges to include scores of 3, 4 and 5, while leaving individual institutions the discretion to decide the type of credit that could be granted. The legislation helps to address the risings costs associated with obtaining a college degree by creating uniformity among the scores accepted for college course credit.